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Why is a charm not just a charm?

Posted by Marcella on

While we may think of charms for children as just small, sweet pieces of jewellery for them to collect and wear, they have the potential to be so much more than that. There is a reason why charms are universally popular with children and adults alike and a reason they have endured since they became increasingly popular in the 50s and 60s.

Childrens Charms

Chosen carefully, a charm is not just charm, it is a moment in time, a memory marker, a trinket to treasure with special feelings attached. Just like a cherished photo, it reminds us of the good times, the special achievements and the happy occasions.

Charms for Children

From a child's eye view, it is the memory of a special day at the seaside, her first ballet class or making cakes with mum. When you're a child, its the little things that count and its the little things that make a lifetime of memories.

Girls Charms by Bombay Duck

So why not get creative and make a start on your child's charm bracelet today. Start with a special occasion you both remember and before you know it you'll have a wristful of memories to share.

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