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Choosing Children’s Earrings

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More and more young girls are having their ears pierced these days, so much so that it has almost become a rite of passage. Girls enjoy dressing up, playing with jewellery and copying their older sisters and mums from a young age and love the feeling of being more grown up that wearing earrings gives them. Once the initial ear piercing healing period is over, the choice of children’s earrings is fun and exciting. At Diamond Kids alone we have around 150 pairs of girl’s earrings to choose from! Children of all ages love to collect too, so choosing and collecting earrings to wear for different occasions is as much about fun as it is about fashion.

Children’s Earring Safety

Diamond Kids stock only 925 sterling silver or 9ct gold earrings, as we believe that costume jewellery for pierced ears can cause irritation and allergies. The majority of girls are not allergic to silver as it is a pure metal containing 92.5% silver and a small amount of mother metals such as copper or zinc, but not nickel which is the most common source of allergies to jewellery.

Most of the children’s earrings on Diamond Kids have butterfly backs. We find that these are the easiest, safest and most comfortable for girls to wear. Please note however, that we do not recommend butterfly backed earrings for children under 3 years of age as the small parts can of course represent a choking hazard. In terms of safety, the benefit of stud earrings with butterfly backs, specifically for children is that the stud sits closely and snugly on the ear, without dangling, and is therefore safer and less likely to catch in hair, clothing or other items during play. However, if the earring does catch, the butterfly back is movable enough that it can come away easily enough that the ear will not tear which may be more of a risk with a hoop style earring.

Children’s Earring Sizes and Post Length

We have received many enquiries over the years about the size of the post length on children’s earrings and whether they are the same size as in adult earrings. The answer is that it varies and as such we try as much as possible to list the length of the earring post on each item page. It is amazing how much the size of a child’s ear lobe can vary! It goes without saying that if your child has thinner earlobes you will do better with a shorter post so that it does not poke into her neck and scratch her. Likewise, a thicker lobe will be more comfortable with a longer post so the earring doesn’t pinch. Scroll down to underneath the large image to find the details. If you come across a pair of earrings where the earring post is not stated please feel free to let us know. Sometimes when new earring styles arrive in stock we may be so excited to get them listed on the website we forget the task of measuring! Again most of the earring measurements are also listed. Please be aware that the website images are much larger than the earrings themselves allowing you to see the detail clearly, but as these are designed specifically for children, they will often be very petite and smaller than adult’s earrings.

Children’s Birthstone Earrings 

Birthstone jewellery makes a delightful gift for girls, giving it meaning and sentiment. Both Jo For Girls and Kit Heath Kids have a really pretty choice of children’s birthstone earrings in array of sparkling crystal colours and semi-precious stones for every month of the year. The Jo For Girls Birthstone Earrings are sweet and petite, ideal for younger girls, while the Kit Heath Birthstone Earrings are a bit more sophisticated, perfect for tweens.

Children’s Novelty Studs

Many of our sterling silver studs for girls are fun, novelty styles which make choosing and wearing such fun. Whether they enjoy animals, music, fashion or flowers, you are sure to find a pair of earrings to suit their hobbies and interests.

Children’s Diamond Earrings

Whether buying ‘her first diamond’ or choosing a beautiful keepsake gift, our girl’s diamond earrings are really something special. All the diamonds used in the ranges at Diamond Kids are ethically sourced and conflict free. If you’re looking for a beautiful pair of diamond earrings for girls, browse the lovely Lily and Lotty, D for Diamond and Kit Heath Kids earrings selections.

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