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Dressing smart CAN be fun!

Posted by Diamond Kids on

With today's fashions becoming more and more casual, it becomes increasingly difficult to get our boys to smarten up.  However, much as they may protest, there are occasions in life where a t shirt and jeans just won't cut it.  If you have to drag your teen to a wedding, christening or other dressy day out this summer we have a cunning plan to help lure them out of their comfy favourites and into something a bit more sharp and snappy!

What could help bring about such a transformation you may ask?  Well, when all the guys have to wear a shirt and trousers there are few ways to really stand out and show your personality apart from with your accessories or more specifically cufflinks!  Now you may think cufflinks are just for smart men in offices, sitting at their desk in suit and tie, but you'd be wrong.  You only have to browse the dozens of novelty cufflinks we have specially selected to see how fun, interesting, colourful and fashionable they can be, even for teens.  

Perhaps your son is a music fan, guitar player or wannabee rockstar. Maybe he's a bit more orchestral and plays the violin, or maybe he just likes to lose himself in his music with his headphones firmly planted onto his head. With guitar cufflinks, headphone cufflinks, saxophone, violin and even studio mike cufflinks no stone is unturned in the musical cufflink world!

Sport themed cufflinks also feature heavily covering all the favourite from football, rugby and cricket to tennis, motor racing and golf.  Not only do sport cufflinks look great on the cuff, they also make great conversation starters too.

Hobbies and interests are represented too with some fun novelty styles including gadgets,animals, food and text speak cufflinks. We have access to many more so if there is a particular cufflinks you want to source just let us know and we'll do our best to find them for you.

The picture above is from Roco Clothing - our favourite place for cufflink shirts for boys in a range of great colours. Go check them out!

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