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The Little Book of Earrings & Necklaces

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If you are fed up with tangled necklace chains, and single earrings missing a partner, we have the perfect solution for you.  We are delighted to now be stocking the fabulous range of Little Books.

A fantastic, unique new way to store all your earrings, necklaces, pendants and chains, the Little Book range appeals to girls and women of all ages. Ideal for storing your jewellery at home or for taking travelling, these wonderfully designed jewellery 'books' make storing and finding your jewellery a breeze!

No more lost earrings or mismatched pairs in the bottom of your jewellery box  or drawer - The Little Book of Earrings makes earring storage a complete delight.  The Little Book of Earrings is available in two sizes according to your needs. The standard 'Little Book' can hold up to 48 pairs of earrings, and the Little Little Book of Earrings which holds 12 pairs and is just perfect for travel, sleepovers and girls just starting their first earring collections. Whatever type of earrings you own, the Little Book can happily accommodate them all, including studs, hoops, creoles and clip ons.

If you suffer a similar problem with necklaces, you can now wave bye bye to tangled chains with the Little Book of Necklaces. Inside the beautiful leather finish cover you will find 4 softly padded pages, with specially designed separators which give you the perfect storage solution for pendants, chains and beads which will all hang securely protected inside the book. Once closed, the necklaces are safely stored and cannot get tangled up or move around.

We have to admit there is one problem though.  Which one to choose!

 (Jewellery shown for demonstration purposes only - not included)

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