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Brand Focus - D for Diamond

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Step into the wonderful, world of D for Diamond and a multitude of dinky delights await you!

Possibly the UK’s most popular and well-known children’s jewellery brand, D for Diamond offer a treasure trove of trinkets for both little boys and girls. The collections are refreshed at least twice a year with regular seasonal additions so there is always something new and exciting to discover. What makes D for Diamond special you may wonder – well, each piece of jewellery holds a sparkling secret – a genuine diamond stone set into each piece! When looking for a special jewellery gift to be cherished and treasured, D for Diamond is the perfect choice.

As well as new designs being regularly introduced, we particularly love the enduring classic pieces such as the beautiful silver baby bangles - ideal for christenings and first birthdays, and the charming silver heart lockets that little girls seem to adore! These clever classics are so timeless and
popular they will never date and always be just as appealing to the next generation as the first, making them perfect heirlooms.

With a flair for creativity, the D for Diamond team design enchanting pieces of jewellery to appeal to young minds. Plain sterling silver features most but you will also find 9ct gold, rose gold and splashes of colourful enamel throughout the range.

Nobody does childrens special occasion jewellery quite like D for Diamond, and their wonderful kids wedding jewellery options are quite simply adorable. Freshwater pearls, lustrous silver and a dinky diamond – what more could a little bridesmaid want? 

Sourcing of Diamonds

On a more serious note, when buying D for Diamond you can be assured that strict measures have been put in place regarding the source of the diamonds used. We asked D for Diamond for information regarding this and they told us “In certain African countries where rebel forces have control of some diamond mines, proceeds from the sale of diamonds are used to finance the purchase of weapons. This in turn deepens the conflict. These countries include Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Liberia. These diamonds are known as Conflict Diamonds. We acknowledge that it is not possible to verify the origin of every diamond and that Conflict Diamonds are only a small proportion of the total World production. All of our stones for our D for Diamond products are bought through a reputable dealer who are aware of the issues concerning Conflict Diamonds and assure us that they will not knowingly sell us or trade in Conflict Diamonds.”

So, D for Diamond kids jewellery is not only adorable, it's also ethical. Beautiful design, original ideas and luxury gift packaging make this a jewellery range not to miss.

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