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Dressing up can be a drag for teens but if cufflinks are required, make it more interesting by letting them choose from our selection of hobby, sport and interest themed novelty cufflinks.  For sporting fans we have football, rugby and cricket cufflinks plus many more.  We also stock quirky styles such as text speak, 3d animal designs and  character cufflinks so there's no excuse not to smarten up in style.

  • Silver saxophone cufflinks
    Saxophone Cufflinks $15.32

    These tylish silver finish saxonphone cufflinks are great for saxophonists or jazz fan who love listening to this style of music.  Shaped just like a real saxophone with clever detailing, these cufflinks look realistic...

  • Silver Crocodile Cufflinks
    Silver Crocodile Cufflinks $15.32

    Look smart and snappy with this cool silver crocodile cufflinks and say 'see you later alligator' to casual dressing!  A fun way to coax him into a double cuff shirt! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Guitar Cufflinks
    Guitar Cufflinks $15.32

    A cool pair of satin matt silver finish guitar cufflinks, just right for the budding musician. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Singer's Microphone Cufflinks
    Singer's Microphone Cufflinks $15.32

    Never be without your mike when you're wearing these cool singer's microphone cufflinks on your cuff! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Snare Drum Cufflinks
    Snare Drum Cufflinks $15.32

    Unleash the drummer with these cool snare drum cufflinks, with enamelled detail and silver finish t bar backs.  Snare drums, or side drums are percussion instruments used in orchestras, concert bands, marching bands,...

  • Genius cufflinks
    Red Shield Genius Cufflinks $13.92

    Reward your genius on his special achievement with these fun red shield cufflinks depicting his special status!  Perfect for graduation, prize giving and any other occasion where he has surpassed himself! Smartly gift...

  • Tennis Volley Cufflinks
    Tennis Volley Cufflinks $16.71

    The perfect accessory for tennis fans, these colourful clear domed novelty cufflinks really stand out on the cuff.   A bold and stylish accessory for any tennis player striving to look ace! Smartly gift boxed...

  • Kayak Cufflinks
    Kayak Cufflinks $13.92

    Kayakers and canoers alike will love these matt silver finish cufflinks depicting a figure in his boat on the river, tackling the white water rapids! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Trophy Cufflinks
    Trophy Cufflinks $13.92

    Perfect as a sports or competition prize, these fun polished silver finish trophy cufflinks look great on the cuff and are ideal for marking an achievement. Why not add one of our engraved gift box plaques for a great...

  • Cricket Bat and Wicket Cufflinks
    Cricket Bat and Wicket Cufflinks $13.92

    Rhodium plated and polished to a shine, these smart but fun cricket themed cufflinks look great on the cuff and feature a stand out red cricket ball too. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Tennis Cufflinks with Yellow Balls
    Tennis Raquet and Ball Cufflinks $15.25

    The perfect accessory for tennis fans, these smart but fun novelty cufflinks feature crossed tennis racquets on one side and a set of yellow tennis balls on the other. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Footy Tackle Cufflinks
    Footy Tackle Cufflinks $16.71

    Bright and colourful on the cuff, these clear football tackle cufflinks by Sub Text have a smart silver finish surround and T bar backs. Smartly gift boxed.

  • The Bootiful Game Football Cufflinks
    The Bootiful Game Football Cufflinks $16.71

    Bright and colourful on the cuff, these clear domed bootiful game football cufflinks by Sub Text have a smart silver finish surround and T bar backs. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Red card yellow card referees cufflinks
    Yellow Card - Red Card Refs Cufflinks $13.92

    These referee's red and yellow cards make a fun and colourful pair of cufflinks that look great on the cuff and sure to appeal to football fans. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Red cricket ball cufflinks
    Red Cricket Ball Cufflinks $13.92

    Cricket fans will love these colourful red cricket ball cufflinks on their cuffs. Almost makes having to be smart not so bad! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Football Boot Cufflinks
    Football Boot Cufflinks $13.92

    A fantastic pair of shiny black and silver finish football cufflinks by Onyx Art.  Great on the cuff, these stylish cufflinks are worth dressing up for and just perfect for sporty boys who need extra encouragement to...

  • Cyclist Bike Rider Cufflinks
    Cyclist on Bike Cufflinks $13.92

    With a soft satin silver sheen, these cyclist cufflinks look cool on the cuff.  Even sporty types have to dress up sometimes, and these bike rider novelties will make the whole process much more fun! Smart gift box...

  • Football Cufflinks
    Football Cufflinks - CK11 $13.92

    A sturdy pair of brushed silver finish and black football shaped cufflinks by Onyx Art.  The sporty cufflinks look smart and stylish while allowing him to show his personality and interests. Nicely gift boxed...

  • I-Phone cufflinks
    I-Phone Cufflinks - CK649 $13.92

    I-Phone style cufflinks, you may not be able to add any more apps to this one but it will stand out from the crowd and look great on your cuff. Cool cufflinks for cool kids! Gift boxed.

  • Open Book Cufflinks
    Open Book Cufflinks $13.92

    Polished finish open book cufflinks by Onyx Art. A perfect gift for bookworms!Smartly gift boxed.

  • Blackberry style phone cuffs
    Blackberry Style Phone Cufflinks - CK551 $13.92

    A great pair of cufflinks in the style of a Blackberry phone, in black and white. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Goalie Glove Cufflinks
    Goalie Glove Cufflinks $13.92

    A cool pair of white goalie glove cufflinks for budding goal keepers. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Graduation Cap Mortar Board Cufflinks
    Graduation Cap Mortar Board Cufflinks $20.89

    A great pair of mortar board graduation hat cufflinks by Onyx Art. Smartly gift boxed these make a great graduation gift for any young man!  

  • Sports Car Steering Wheel Cufflinks
    Sports Car Steering Wheel Cufflinks $13.92

    A cool pair of black and red sports car steering wheel cufflinks by Onyx Art.  He may be too old to drive a sports car but he can dream! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Surfer Dude Cufflinks
    Surf Dude Cufflinks $15.66

    Even cool surf dudes need to dress up smart sometimes and these great polished silver surfer cufflinks make it all a bit more bearable until they can get back into their boardshorts! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Purple and White Guitar Cufflinks
    Purple and White Guitar Cufflinks $13.92

    Wear your favourite musical instrument on your cuffs with this groovy urple and white guitar cufflinks. The cufflinks have silver finish t bar backs with a gridded surface. Supplied in a smart silver or black Onyx Art box...

  • Snorkel and Mask Cufflinks
    Snorkel and Mask Cufflinks $13.92

    Take a deep breath and dive into the process of dressing up smart with these silver plated Snorkel and Mask chain link cufflink and wear your hobbies on your cuff. Supplied in a smart silver or black Onyx Art box...

  • Jolly Roger Pirate flag Cufflinks
    Jolly Roger Cufflinks $13.92

    Great black and white Jolly Roger Flag cufflinks for the pirate in you who really doesn't want to dress up smart. Supplied in a smart silver Onyx Art box.

  • IPOD Style Cufflinks
    IPOD Style Cufflinks $13.92

    Polished IPOD style cufflinks. Supplied in a smart silver or black Onyx Art box.

  • Racing Car Cufflinks
    Racing Car Cufflinks $13.92

    Give these motor racing car cufflinks pole position on your cuffs and really look the part of a racing driver.  The cufflinks have a polished silver finish with black wheels and are designed by Onyx Art. Nicely gift...

  • Train Cufflinks
    Train Cufflinks $13.92

    Cute pewter train cufflinks, with gift box.

  • Pink Panther Cufflinks
    Pink Panther Cufflinks $13.92

    Fun pink panther cufflinks by Onyx Art with t bar silver finish backs. Gift boxed.