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The teenage years can be difficult but it is also where the fun starts with fashion and accessories.  Our teenage boys' range includes quirky cufflinks and tie slides for dress up days, cool and casual leather bracelets for dress down days and stylish, masculine jewellery for that individual look.  Boys' wallets, storage boxes and money clips are a great choice for those less inclined to wear jewellery.

  • Silver saxophone cufflinks
    Saxophone Cufflinks $14.00

    These tylish silver finish saxonphone cufflinks are great for saxophonists or jazz fan who love listening to this style of music.  Shaped just like a real saxophone with clever detailing, these cufflinks look realistic...

  • Silver Crocodile Cufflinks
    Silver Crocodile Cufflinks $14.00

    Look smart and snappy with this cool silver crocodile cufflinks and say 'see you later alligator' to casual dressing!  A fun way to coax him into a double cuff shirt! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Golf Bag and Clubs Cufflinks
    Golf Bag and Clubs Cufflinks $14.00

    Smart golfer's cufflinks in a satin matt silver finish. The cufflinks are nicely tactile with a textured finish on the golf bag and clubs. Smartly gift boxed.

  • SLR Camera Cufflinks
    SLR Camera Cufflinks $14.00

    These fun novelty camera cufflinks will be a hit with any photographer and look just like a real SLR camera with a matt silver finish and black lens detail. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Guitar Cufflinks
    Guitar Cufflinks $14.00

    A cool pair of satin matt silver finish guitar cufflinks, just right for the budding musician. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Singer's Microphone Cufflinks
    Singer's Microphone Cufflinks $14.00

    Never be without your mike when you're wearing these cool singer's microphone cufflinks on your cuff! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Headphone Cufflinks
    Headphone Cufflinks $14.00

    Would be DJs, musicians and music lovers will love these cool headphone cufflinks with black ear pads and silver finish t bar backs. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Brown Violin Cufflinks
    Brown Violin Cufflinks $14.00

    These brown, shiny finish violin cufflinks look smart and stylish - the perfect accessory for any musical maestro who plays this woodwind string instrument at school, home or in an orchestra! Smartly gift boxed...

  • Genius cufflinks
    Red Shield Genius Cufflinks $12.72

    Reward your genius on his special achievement with these fun red shield cufflinks depicting his special status!  Perfect for graduation, prize giving and any other occasion where he has surpassed himself! Smartly gift...

  • Tennis Volley Cufflinks
    Tennis Volley Cufflinks $15.27

    The perfect accessory for tennis fans, these colourful clear domed novelty cufflinks really stand out on the cuff.   A bold and stylish accessory for any tennis player striving to look ace! Smartly gift boxed...

  • Kayak Cufflinks
    Kayak Cufflinks $12.72

    Kayakers and canoers alike will love these matt silver finish cufflinks depicting a figure in his boat on the river, tackling the white water rapids! Smartly gift boxed.

  • Cricket Bat and Wicket Cufflinks
    Cricket Bat and Wicket Cufflinks $12.72

    Rhodium plated and polished to a shine, these smart but fun cricket themed cufflinks look great on the cuff and feature a stand out red cricket ball too. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Tennis Cufflinks with Yellow Balls
    Tennis Raquet and Ball Cufflinks $22.90

    The perfect accessory for tennis fans, these smart but fun novelty cufflinks feature crossed tennis racquets on one side and a set of yellow tennis balls on the other. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Footy Tackle Cufflinks
    Footy Tackle Cufflinks $15.27

    Bright and colourful on the cuff, these clear football tackle cufflinks by Sub Text have a smart silver finish surround and T bar backs. Smartly gift boxed.

  • The Bootiful Game Football Cufflinks
    The Bootiful Game Football Cufflinks $15.27

    Bright and colourful on the cuff, these clear domed bootiful game football cufflinks by Sub Text have a smart silver finish surround and T bar backs. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Red card yellow card referees cufflinks
    Yellow Card - Red Card Refs Cufflinks $12.72

    These referee's red and yellow cards make a fun and colourful pair of cufflinks that look great on the cuff and sure to appeal to football fans. Smartly gift boxed.

  • Red cricket ball cufflinks
    Red Cricket Ball Cufflinks $12.72

    Cricket fans will love these colourful red cricket ball cufflinks on their cuffs. Almost makes having to be smart not so bad! Smartly gift boxed.

  • 3D Cricket Player Cufflinks
    3D Cricket Player Cufflinks $12.72

    Get a piece of the cricketing action with these cool 3D colourful cricket player cufflinks. Showing the cricketer bowler in action just about to bowl and the batsman ready to bat, these colourful cufflinks look great on the...

  • Tribal Steel Bracelet T1014
    Black and White Magnetic Clasp Leather Bracelet - 21cm $17.80

    A braided leather boy's bracelet by Tribal Steel in black and white braided contrasting leather, finished with a strong magnetic clasp in stainless steel, with black line detailing.  Width of braid approx 6mm Length...

  • Black and White Skull Wallet
    Black and White Skull Wallet $3.18 $2.23

    A great casual wallet for boys in tough black canvas with a white skull motif.  The wallet has a velcro closure to keep it closed and flat.  The wallet is threefold and has a large slot for notes. a clear pocket...

  • Rugby Ball Tie Clip
    Rugby Ball Tie Clip $16.53

    Footy fans will appreciate this novelty tie clip design with silver finish and silver and rugby ball on the front. The tie slide comes nicely packaged in a silver gift box.

  • Golf Ball and Clubs Tie Clip
    Golf Ball and Clubs Tie Clip $16.53

    A fun silver finish themed tie clip with crossed golf clubs and white golf ball design, by Onyx Art. Nicely gift boxed.

  • Motor Bike Tie Clip
    Motor Bike Tie Clip $16.53

    A cool, polished and oxidised finish tie clip a Harley style motor bike design, by Onyx Art.Nicely gift boxed.

  • Leaping Fish Tie Clip
    Leaping Fish Tie Clip $16.53

    Perfect for fishing enthusiasts, this silver finish tie slide is adorned by a leaping fish with oxidised detailing by Onyx Art.Nicely gift boxed.

  • Black leather accessory storage box open
    Black Leather 9 Place Storage Box $19.08

    With 9 separate small storage compartments this storage box by Harvey Makin is both practical and smart in a realistic black leather look finish. The box has a chrome finish clip closure and grey velvet feel lining. Ideal...

  • Boys Flintstones wallet
    Hanna Barbera Cartoon Fred Flintstone Wallet $19.07

    Fred Flintstone printed black leather look & feel PU wallet, with Fred Flintstones famous animal print & a picture of Fred on the inside fold of the wallet. 6 card slots plus notes. Black exterior. Fun Gift for all...

  • Pound Money Clip
    Pound Sign Money Clip $12.71

    A perfect birthday gift with a note or two clipped inside, this smart rhodium plated brass money clip features a pound symbol and has a shiny silver finish. Gift boxed.

  • Aces Playing Card Cufflinks
    Playing Card Moneyclip - $12.71

    A great money clip from Onyx art, rhodium plated on brass, with Ace playing card design. Gift boxed.

  • Horse Shoe Money Clip
    Horse Shoe Money Clip $12.71

    A great money clip from Onyx art, rhodium plated on brass, with Horse Shoe design.  A great way to send some love and luck at the same time. Gift boxed.

  • Union Jack Money Clip
    Union Jack Money Clip $12.71

    A great patriotic Union Jack money clip from Onyx art, which is rhodium plated on brass with a polished silver finish. With a note or two tucked inside it makes a great gift. Gift boxed.

  • Football Boot Cufflinks
    Football Boot Cufflinks $12.72

    A fantastic pair of shiny black and silver finish football cufflinks by Onyx Art.  Great on the cuff, these stylish cufflinks are worth dressing up for and just perfect for sporty boys who need extra encouragement to...

  • Cyclist Bike Rider Cufflinks
    Cyclist on Bike Cufflinks $12.72

    With a soft satin silver sheen, these cyclist cufflinks look cool on the cuff.  Even sporty types have to dress up sometimes, and these bike rider novelties will make the whole process much more fun! Smart gift box...