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Children's Jewellery Special Offers
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Faceted Crystal Bead - Two Tone was 9.954.98
Blossom Zirconia Bead - Lilac was 16.958.48
Enamel Bubble Bead - Lilacwas 9.954.98
Enamel Amore Bead - Lilacwas 16.958.48
Enamel Wave Bead - Black was 9954.98
Enamel Star Bubble Bead - Black was 9.954.98
Faceted Crystal Bead - Black was 9.954.98
Daisy Zirconia Bead - Black was 16.958.48
Enamel Love Bubble Bead - Blackwas 9.954.98
Candy Heart Bead - Redwas 9.954.98
Faceted Crystal Bead - Bluewas 9.954.98
Enamel Bubble Bead - Bluewas 9.954.98
Heart Bubble Bead Blue Two Tonewas 16.958.48
Enamel Amore Bead - Bluewas 16.958.48
Blossom Zirconia Bead - Light Blue WAS 16.958.48
Amore and Baci Teen Bracelet - 19.5cmWAS 19.959.95
Silver Crown BeadWAS 12.506.25
Silver Owl Bead WAS 12.506.25
Silver Ladybird BeadWAS 12.5012.50
Silver Curl SpacerWAS 12.506.25
Silver Sunflower Bead WAS 12.506.25
Silver Happy Buddha Spacer WAS 12.506.25
Silver Engraved Oval SpacerWAS 12.506.25
Silver Suitcase SpacerWAS 12.506.25
Silver Pansy SpacerWAS 12.506.25
Silver Cherub SpacerWAS 12.506.25
Silver Castle Spacer WAS 12.506.25
Silver Multi-Heart SpacerWAS 19.959.98
Amethyst Barrel Drop Spacer WAS 17.508.75
Jo Rubber Bead Charm Bracelet 15cm WAS 7.503.75
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