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Children's Jewellery Special Offers
Grab a super bargain in our last chance sale range and discontinued items list.  Many items half price so buy now while stocks last!
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Double Wrap Red Leather Narrow Braid Braceletwas 14.9510.95
Rainbow Brights Necklace & Bracelet Kit in Sky Bluewas 19.9912.50
Rainbow Brights Necklace & Bracelet Kit in Sunshine Yellowwas 19.9912.50
Yellow Lidded Jewellery Stacker with Strawberry Liningwas 14.999.99
Yellow 11 Section Stacker with Strawberry Liningwas 12.998.99
Yellow Deep Open Stacker with Strawberry Liningwas 12.997.99
Christening Day Silver Sparkle Heartwas 6.994.99
Multi Colour Bubblegum Braceletwas 4.992.50
Pink and Yellow Bubblegum Bracelet 2.50
Multi Colour Bubblegum Necklacewas 5.992.99
Pink and Yellow Bubblegum Necklacewas 5.992.99
High School Musical Disney Charmwas 2.990.50
I Crown You - Best Daughterwas 29.0015.00
Silver Plated Knitted Bootee Money Boxwas 10.005.50
Precious Daughter Christening Pink Sparkle Heart was 6.994.99
Baby Girl Silver Plated Dummy Keepsakewas 10.005.00
Little Soldier Decorative Spoonwas 8.954.99
Little Feet Decorative Spoonwas 8.954.99
ABC Pewter Decorative Spoonwas 8.954.99
Silverplated Old Style Safe Money Boxwas 12.958.95
Bambino Baby Hospital Bracelet Keepsake Boxwas 13.957.95
Boys Heirloom 1st Birthday Cardwas 3.501.99
Friendship Bracelet - Blue and Greenwas 10.005.00
Morty Pendant on 45cm Silicon Thongwas 13.009.99
Caribou Totem Tag Pendantwas 17.9511.95
Stylus Bracelet 21cmwas 15.7512.95
Black Enamel Candy Narrow Bead - WAS 10.25 6.00
Orange Glitter Candy Bead - WAS 10.25 6.00
Yellow Glitter Candy Bead - WAS 10.25 6.00
Light Haired Boy Baci Bead - WAS 16.95 9.95
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