Martine Wester costume fashion jewellery for teenage girls. Martine Wester bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
Martine Wester
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Teenagers silver jewellery by Martine Wester
Martine Wester Jewellery
Fashionable Costume Jewellery for Teenagers by Martine Wester

Teen girls will love the fun and flirty costume jewelllery from Martine Wester incorporating boho and vintage style for casual glamour. 

Martine Wester has established a place in the world of fashion with feminine, boutique inspired jewellery & accessories. Martine Wester jewellery has become a hit with celebrities such as Pixie Lott with a faithful following of fashionistas in all the major fashion capitals.

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Price (£ Sterling)
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Spirit Cluster Drop Earrings 9.95
Silver Flower Charm Necklace 
Silver Amour Earrings 7.50
Legacy Holiday Pendant 17.50
Legacy Travel Charm Pendant 20.00
Charmed Friendship Stretch Bracelet 15.00
Spirit Cluster Charm Bead Necklace - 50% off was 2512.50
Cream Cupcake Charm Pendant 23.50
Spirit Multi Bead Heart Necklace - 50% off, was 29 14.50
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