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Jewellery for Girls
A Diamonds Kids we are delighted to offer you a wide range of specialist children's jewellery brands for every occasion.  Each brand has been carefully selected for quality and child friendly style which a choice of price points for every budget.  Take a browse through our ranges to discover sweet styles for toddlers to funky fashion for fussy teens. 

Our christening jewellery is enduringly popular and you will find perfect pieces, be it a baby bangle or 'her first diamond' in our D for Diamond, Jo for Girls and Kit Heath collections.

For costume jewellery, party wear and pocket money gifts you will find fun choices from Bombay Duck, Little Ella and Little Luna.
Age ranges are very approximates guides only - please check sizing on individual bracelets and pendants for exact lengths.
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D for Diamond childrens jewellery
Jo For Girls - kids silver jewellery
Kit Heath Kids Bracelets & Jewellery
D for Diamond Childrens Jewellery
Delightful christening jewellery and jewellery with genuine diamonds for boys and girls.
Up to Age 8
Jo For Girls Jewellery
Girls jewellery in silver, christening bangles plus Jo Beads - kids charms, beads & bracelets.
Age 5 - 12
Kit Heath Kids
Charming Kit Heath Kids girls jewellery, birthstones and design your own silver bead jewellery.
  Age 3 - 10
Bombay duck kids charm bracelets
Little Angels - girls jewelry in silver
Glitzy Girls Jewellery in crystal and silver.
Bombay Duck
Design a colourful charm bracelet with Bombay Duck's fun enamelled charms.
Age 5-13
Little Angels
Co-ordinating silver girls bracelets, pendants, rings, necklaces and a delightful range of kids charms.
Age 3+
Glitzy Girls
Sparkly swarovski crystal jewellery for girls.
Age 5-12
Girls Jewellery by Little Ella
Chrysalis Bracelets and Charms
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Little Ella
Cute and colourful costume jewellery for little girls.
Age 3 - 8
Chrysalis Jewellery
Create unique, beautiful bracelets with Chrysalis bracelets, silver charms and glass beads.
Age 4 - Teens
Whimsical girls jewellery with pewter charms.
Age 3-8
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Lily and Lotty Love Diamonds .... For Girls
Sphere of life Cute - children's silver pendants
kids  charm bracelets and beads
Lily and Lotty Love Diamonds
Stunning diamond bracelets for girls, pendants and earrings.
Age up to 12
Sphere of Life Cute
Gorgeous silver pendants for girls and teenagers in fabulous gift packaging with sentiment cards.
Age 8 - 16
Carat Beads
Fabulous childrens Pandora style bracelets, bead charms & necklaces. From just £1.50.
Age 5-16
Kids Jewellery by Little Lello
Amore & Baci Junior - childrens charm bracelets and beads
Truth Cutie childrens beads and charms
Little Lello
Fun and colourful children's costume jewellery in gorgeous girly candy colours.
Age 3 - 10
Amore & Baci Junior
Create a cute and unique child's charm bracelet with cute Amore & Baci Junior beads for boys and girls.
Age 3+
Truth Cutie
Girly pendants and earrings plus cute beads for a colourful kids charm bracelet.
Age 3 - 8
Our fabulous range of children's charms, bracelets and beads offers something for the smallest of collectors to the fussiest teens.  Let your imagination run wild and pick and mix to create your perfect charm bracelet. 

Our beads and charm bracelets are available in pocket money costume jewellery ranges from just £1.50 per bead, to fashionable and fun designs in quality sterling silver. 

Bead ranges from Kit Heat, Truth Cutie, Amore & Baci Junior, Carat, Chrysalis and Jo for Girls.  View here ....