Children's musical jewellery boxes featuring ballerinas, fairies and flowers, ideal for little girls who love to dress up and play with jewellery.
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Children's Musical Jewellery Boxes
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Childrens Jewellery Boxes

We offer a lovely range of children's jewellery boxes for little girls of all ages.

Young girls delight in receiving one of our character musical jewellery boxes and love to wind up the boxes to listen to the rune and watch the little revolving figures.  Choose from pretty ballerinas, princesses and Fairies - just perfect for those starting their first jewellery collections. Our musical jewellery boxes make great gifts for little girls who love to dress up and play with jewellery.  Why not add a colourful piece of costume jewellery from the fabulous Little Lello  or Little Ella range?

Our range of teenage jewellery boxes are fun and fashionable and make a perfect gift choice - who knows a teenage girl who doesn't like jewellery?

For something special for children of all ages, why not opt for a personalised jewellery box or trinket?
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Personalised jewellery boxes and trinkets
Price (£ Sterling)
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Butterfly Musical Jewellery Box15.95
Jayne Fairy Princess Jewellery Box25.00
Amelia Musical Ballet Jewellery Box 11.95
Nicki Hearts Musical Jewellery Box11.95
Katie Musical Jewellery Box11.95
Vanessa Tall Heart Musical Jewellery Box19.95
D for Diamond Daisy Petals Jewellery Box34.95
Teddy Musical Jewellery Box - 134811.95
Bridesmaid Flower Corsage Jewellery Box - TJB19812.95
Tess The Fairy Square Jewellery Box - TF1009.95
Blue and Red Polka Dot Bed Jewellery Box19.95
Floral Fairy Musical Jewellery Box11.95
Floral Fairy Tall Musical Jewellery Box23.95
Beth Ballerina Musical Jewellery Wardrobe29.99
Dulcie Musical Jewellery Box - 132511.95
Caitlin Musical Jewellery Box - 131310.95
Beautiful Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box 10.95
Fairy Rose Garden Musical Jewellery Box10.95
Ballerina Blue Musical Jewellery Box10.95
Lilac Flower and Fairy Musical Jewellery Box10.95
Blossom Pixie Musical Jewellery Box10.95
Little Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box10.95
Juliette Ballerina Musical Jewellery Box - 131817.95
Maisie Lilac Gingham Musical Jewel Box - 131514.95
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