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The wonderful childrens charms by Angel's Delights tempt you with a gorgeous selection of kids charms featuring fabulous sweet treats such as iced doughnuts, chocolate slices and pretty cupcakes. 

Choose a beautiful pastel or rainbow bubblegum kids charm bracelet and add your charms in between the beads for a fun and colourful charm bracelet that any little girl will adore.  Ideal for children aged 5+ up to young teens.  Each charm comes in a cellophane pouch with Angel's Delights charm tag.
Price (£ Sterling)
Chocolate Smartie Tart Charm2.99
Pink Iced Doughnut with Bow Charm2.99
Mini Chocolate Doughnut Charm2.99
Fresh Fruit Cupcake Charm2.99
Dotty Bow Cookie Charm2.99
Strawberry Shortcake Charm2.99
Biscuit Charm2.99
Pink Doughnut with Orange Slice Charm2.99
Sprinkles Ice Cream Cone Charm2.99
Fruit Tart Charm2.99
Pink Iced Doughnut Charm2.99
Iced Red Bow Cupcake Charm2.99
Chocolate Slice Charm 2.99
Yellow and Pink Ice Cream Cone Charm2.99
White Iced Doughnut Charm2.99
Waffle Charm2.99
Pink Macaroon Charm2.99
Lemon Muffin Charm2.99
Strawberry Doughnut Charm2.99
Multi Colour Bubblegum Bracelet3.99
Pink and Yellow Bubblegum Bracelet3.99
Multi Colour Bubblegum Necklace4.99
Pink and Yellow Bubblegum Necklace4.99
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