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Diamond Kids Charm Bracelets & Charms for Girls

Our childrens charm bracelets feature linked chains.  The charms have lobster clasps and clip on to the loops in the chain.
  We have a great range of charm jewellery available which is suitable for girls of all ages.  Children's charm bracelets make a great gift that is a bit more personal as you can select the individual charms to suit the child.  Our kids charm bracelets start at just £2.99.
Kids Charms by Angels Delights
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Bombay Duck Charm Jewellery 
Gorgeous enamelled charms from food to fashion to animals, with a choice of charm bracelet or necklace.

Age up to Teens
Angels Delights Kids Charms 
Scrumptious sweet treats charms for kids featuring cakes, doughnuts and treats.

Age 5+
Gorgeous Thomas Sabo style costume charm jewellery for girls. Choose from a selection of stunning colours and fun clip on charms.

For age 4 - 18.
Sterling Silver Charms & Bracelets

For something special choose from our beautiful range of charms and bracelets in sterling silver for a lasting gift.  Choose from traditional linked bracelets to the currently popular Thomas Sabo style carrier bracelets.
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Little Angels silver charms for children
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The Little Angels range of beautiful silver charms for little girls encapsulates cute childhood themes with colourful touches.
From Age 3.
Silver Charms for Teens -
ideal for older girls and teenagers and offer a lasting gift that girl's can add to with a choice of bracelets, charm carriers and necklaces.
* Please note that ages are approximate to help you select the correct item.  Please read individual item descriptions for jewellery sizing.