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bombay duck Charm Bracelets
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Price (£ Sterling)
Fuschia Pink Butterfly Charm3.25
Lovely Lotion Charm3.25
Friends Charm3.25
Little Chicken Charm3.25
Cute Cow Charm3.25
Friendly Lion Charm3.25
Circus Seal Charm3.25
Pink Helicopter Charm3.25
Black Cab Charm3.25
Red Post Box Charm3.25
Hanging Chair Charm3.25
Mr Charm3.25
Mrs Charm3.25
Sailing Boat Charm3.25
Flower Pot Charm 3.25
Pet Holdall Charm3.25
Stripy Fish Charm3.25
Fashionista Handbag Charm 3.25
Hanging Heart Bag Charm3.25
Cowboy Boot Charm3.25
Corset Charm - Gold - 25% off, was 3.252.43
Mitten Charm - Gold 3.25
Ice Cream Cone Charm - Gold - 25% off, was 3.252.43
White Diamante Heart Ankle Boot Charm - Gold3.25
Gold Diamond Ring Charm 3.25
Candy Cane Charm - Gold - 25% off, was 3.25 2.43
Gold Teddy Charm3.25
Shamrock Charm - Gold3.25
Gold Scooter Charm3.25
Black Shoe Charm - Gold - 25% off, was 3.252.43
Gold Butterfly Charm3.25
Tropical Fish Flip Flop Charm3.25
Diamante Palm Tree Charm 3.25
Happy Chocolate Cake Charm3.25
Kitten Heel With Bow Charm 3.25
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