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Bico - Australia teen jewellery
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Bico - Boy's Jewellery - Teenage

A great collection of surfer style jewellery from Australian manufacturer Bico offering cool and contemporary jewellery that boys (and their dad's!) want to wear.  Each piece is made of quality satin finish pewter and some pieces are also silver plated.  Finishes include gloss black, antique brass and antique copper.
Modern and contemporary necklaces and bracelets in cool pewter, very popular with teenage boys.

Great urban style and quality at an affordable price.
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Bico - Australia teen jewellery
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Price (£ Sterling)
Bico Boy's Stylus Neck Chain - 20 inch26.50
Bico Boy's Morty Pendant - 18 inch12.99
Bico Boy's Whale Tail Pendant - 18 inch13.00
Bico Boy's Celtic Trinity Pendant - 18 inch13.00
Bico Boy's TULI Black Finish Pendant - 20 inch17.50
Bico Boy's Nuwa Dogtag Pendant - 18 inch17.95
Bico Boy's Caribou Totem Tag Pendant - 18 inch15.00
Bico Boy's Vita Pisces Pendant - 18 inch22.50
Bico Boy's Twister Bracelet - 7 inch8.75
Bico Boy's Black Leather Gladiator Cuff - 7-9 inch12.95
Bico Boy's Rubber Ribbed Fish Pendant - 18 inch17.95
Bico Boy's Howler Bracelet - 8 inch24.50
Bico Boy's Stylus Copper Finish Neck Chain - 16 inch12.00
Bico Boy's Noble Cross - 18 inch22.95
Bico Boy's Earthdiver Bracelet - 7 inch9.00
Bico Boy's Howler Black Leather Bracelet - 8 inch13.95
Bico Boy's Weaver Bracelet - 7 inch13.25
Bico Boy's Crusader Bracelet - 7 inch11.00
Bico Boy's Black Stylus Bracelet - 7 inch9.00
Bico Boy's Multi Link Polished Chain - 18 inch17.50
Bico Boy's Stylus Neck Chain - 16 inch22.00
Bico Boy's The Fish Pendant - 18 inch16.95
Bico Boy's Stylus Weave Link Necklace - 22 inch22.00
Bico Boy's Stylus Dual Link Bracelet - 8 inch15.00
Bico Boy's Slim Stylus Polished Neck Chain - 16 inch16.75
Bico Boy's Alien Angel Necklet - 18 inch13.00
Bico Boy's Pewter Dragon Necklet - 16 inch15.00
Bico Boy's Stylus Decorative Link Bracelet - 8 inch13.75
Bico Boy's Slim Stylus Bracelet - 7 inch8.95
Bico Boy's Structure Pendant - 18 inch19.50
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