Truth Cutie - truth charm bracelets and beads for children
Truch Cutie childrens charm bracelets
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Truth Cutie Children's Jewellery
Truth Cutie - Jewellery Care and Instructions

Hot on the heels of the success of Truth charms, beads and bracelets for women, comes the adorable Truth Cutie range specially designed for children. 

These fabulous child sized silver and enamel charm beads look delightful slipped on to a selection of Truth Cutie children's charm bracelets in either classic silver or brightly coloured silicon.
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Truth Cutie Charm Bracelets
Truth Cutie silver bracelet beads
Truth Cutie childrens jewellery
Instructions for Silicon Bracelets

Your Cutie bracelet has two ends; a capped toggle (A) and a slim cap (B).

To open your bracelet, slide the slim cap end out of the flower clasp by pressing the clasp down. emove the rubber ring stopper (put it somewhere safe!) and thread your new charms onto your bracelet.

Once your charms are on your bracelet, be sure to replace the rubber ring stopper - it stops charms from sliding off your bracelet.

To close your bracelet, just press the flower clasp down to enlarge the hole in the side and slide the slim cap end through.
Truth Cutie charm bracelet for children
Truth cutie charm bracelets and beads for children

Clean your Truth Cutie jewellery with a polishing cloth. The Truth Cutie collection has been designed with coloured enamel and liquid polish may damage the charms.


Due to small parts Truth Cutie jewellery is unsuitable for children under 4 years old. The avoid choking hazards do not allow children to put jewellery in their mouths. Parents/Guardians hold responsibility for the safety of children. To prevent damage, jewellery should not be worn while sleeping, bathing or playing sports.
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The truth is, if you like brightly coloured, sparkly, gorgeous little pieces of jewellery, then you'll love Truth. Truth jewellery is a beautifully designed, high quality product that has captured the imagination of thousands of charm collectors across the world.

Paul Kennedy, head designer and director of Truth Jewellery, was initially inspired to create a new charm collection after seeing a photograph of Elizabeth Taylor with a very elaborate eye catching charm bracelet.

Now, following the oustanding success of the Truth charm collection for adults, Truth Cutie offers the same opportunity to young collectors to create their own unique piece of jewellery.

Truth jewellery is fun and inviting, a product that should be shared with everyone.
Truth is inspired by memories and given with love.
That's the truth!