Children's Jewellery Size guide and advice for children's charm bracelets
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Children's Jewellery Sizing Advice
Size Guide and Advice for Children's Jewellery
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The sizing of children's jewellery is really dependant on the size of the child rather than the age as children do vary so much.  A small toddler can have chubbier wrists than a beanpole of a young teenager!

However, below we hope to offer you some guidance.  Please don't rely on this information totally, it is simply a guide.  Please bear in mind the build of the child.
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Children's Bracelets

If you can it is a good idea to try to measure the child's wrist before purchasing.  A game with a length of string or ribbon usually does the trick.  All children love to be measured to see how big they are getting!  As a general rule, for a comfortable fit, you should allow an extra 1-2 cm depending on the overall length.
Bracelet Sizing - A Guideline
Up to 18 months

Toddler 18mth-36mth old

Junior 3-5yrs old - 5.5inch

Child 5-9yrs - 6inch

Older Child 9-12yrs 6.5inch


Average Adult
4.5" (11.5cm)

5"  (12.5cm)

5.5"  (14cm)

6" (15cm)

6.5" (16.5cm) - 7" (18cm)

7" (18cm) - 7.5" (19cm)

7.5" - 19cm
Pandora Style Charm Bracelets

The same applies to bracelets as above but you also need to consider the number of charms that will be put on the bracelet.  The more beads placed on the bracelet, the tighter it will become.  For the addition of around 5 beads you should allow an additional 2-3 cm.  The more beads you add, the more space you will need.

It is always a good idea to purchase a 'stopper bead' for a child's bead bracelet as this stops all the beads sliding off the bracelet when it is undone. You don't want them to lose all their beads!
Children's Necklaces

Most of the necklaces featured on this site are either 14" or 16".  You should find the length in the product description.
4-12 Years
12 - Teen
Teen - Adult

Brands Standard Sizing

D For Diamond

D for Diamond Longer Length

Kit Heath

Glitzy Girls

Jo For Girls

Me To You

Little Angels

Lilly & Lotty
14 " - 35.5cm
16" - 41cm
18" - 45.5cm


14 - 16" adjustable




16 - 18" adjustable


14 - 16" adjustable
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We cannot recommend that jewellery be given to children under the age of 3.  Many items of jewellery contain small parts and therefore present a choking hazard. 

Jewellery should not be worn in play or for sleeping.

Our earrings are not recommended for the initial healing period after piercing.