Amore & BaciTeens charm bracelets and beads
Amore & Baci Teens charm bracelets
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Amore & Baci teenage charm bracelets
Amore & Baci teens packaging
Amore & Baci teenage charm bracelets
Amore & Baci Teens - Enamel and Crystal Beads

Amore & Baci Teens collection includes a fabulous range of beautifully enamelled sterling silver beads in an array of colours. 

Create your unique charm bracelet and add a touch of sparkle with a selection of crystal beads.
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Amore & Baci teens charm bracelet
Amore & Baci teens enamel and crystal beads
Amore & Baci teens silver bracelet beads
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Price (£ Sterling)
Faceted Crystal Bead - Two Tone 4.98
Blossom Zirconia Bead - Lilac 8.48
Enamel Bubble Bead - Lilac4.98
Enamel Amore Bead - Lilac8.48
Enamel Wave Bead - Black 4.98
Enamel Star Bubble Bead - Black 4.98
Faceted Crystal Bead - Black 4.98
Daisy Zirconia Bead - Black 8.48
Enamel Love Bubble Bead - Black4.98
Faceted Crystal Bead - Blue4.98
Heart Bubble Bead Blue Two Tone8.48
Enamel Amore Bead - Blue8.48
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